Bentley Continental GT

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Model: Benteley Continental GT
Color: White


Experience superior driving luxury: rent a Bentley in Dubai from Sana RAC

Bentley is an automobile brand at the frontier of elevating the driving experience by combining beauty and elegance with unrivalled performance on the road. From the intricate and detailed trimming on the leather seats, to the low humming of the engine ready to jump to life at the slightest flicker of the accelerator, Bentley have always sought to push the boundaries of automobile excellence.

If you are looking to rent a car for your holiday or business trip in the UAE, a Continental GT could fit the bill perfectly.

Why you should rent a Bentley in Dubai: The sensible choice

You can expect great performance and handling from the Continental, whether you are on the highway or city streets. Under the hood of this beauty is a massive 550hp twin-turbo V12 engine that defines driving and lets you take control. Accelerating from 0 to 60 miles per hour takes less than 4 seconds, which means you can easily get your regular dose of adrenaline at the lightest press of the accelerator.

Air springs equipped with air damping control enable an unbelievably smooth ride on the road for long travels, as you can expect from a Grand Tourer. If you want to feel the grip of the tires on the asphalt, on the other hand, sports suspension mode with electronic height adjustment facility lets you take corners tighter and faster. It helps that our Continental is also fitted with premium iron brakes and red-coated brake callipers for better control.

Bentley rental – a driving experience like no other

The Continental GT is all about Grand Touring, and that’s what our Bentley rental car delivers. Stunningly detailed wood-trimmed interiors, the latest GPS-based navigation system, and a Breitling analogue chronograph are only some of the features that make the Continental GT a force to reckon with on the roads.

Then again, its electronically-controlled adjustable suspension system lets you glide along Dubai’s roads at the touch of a button. You only have to try our Bentley for rent to experience the best control, stability and performance handling in a car.

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